11+ Best Electrician Tools and Accessories for 2023

The best electrician tools can make life easier on the job but most importantly safer – being an electrician is tough, you have to pass all sorts of exams, get certified, sometimes diagnose hard to find problems, all while keeping yourself and others safe. Electricity is so important in today’s life that the world as we know depends on it!

This tools like will keep you organized, safe and more productive so you can finish projects easier and faster! And that translates into more profits and productivity! During 2022 and the last few years, with more people at home than ever and the growing popularity of electric vehicles, electricians will be in higher demand due to growing power needs – check out our recommended tools to upgrade your setup.

Electricians use a variety tools so our list of tools provides an overview of basic hand tools that should be part of an electrician’s tools to consider, including power tools, needle nose pliers, fish tape, tool bag among others.

two electricians working on a circuit breaker panel


Fluke T5-H5-1AC Kit 3 Piece 1000V USA Voltage Tester


As part of the electrician’s tool guide you will need some power tools, this 3 piece kit includes a voltage tester, continuity, and current test (a Fluke T5) helps you reliably check electrical wiring in areas with an all-in-one eliminating the need to carry multiple electrical diagnostic tools.

With the T5, you just set volts, ohms, or current and this test handles everything else for you. The OpenJaw current allows you to measure voltage with testing currents upto 1000V without fear of tripping the circuit. The test leads fold neatly in the back of the tester for easy storage or allows hanging on your tool pouch. The tester is also useful for checking if electrical components or a circuit breaker are damaged or impacted by power surges or voltage spikes. 

Reviews online are excellent and the safety ratings are category IV. Fluke designs its tool to be reliably accurate which is important when working with electrical circuits and wiring!


  • Three piece kit for electrical testing convenience – includes a voltage, continuity, and current tester – Fluke 1AC II. Also includes non-contact voltage detector and a holster
  • T5 1000 tester measure VAC and VDC with precise digital resolution for accurate testing
  • Range for T5 1000 tester is 100 V RMS, with resistant displays to 1000 and #937; 1AC II non contact detector detects 90 to 1,000 VAC; safety rated of 1000V Category III, 600V Category IV rated; Fluke 1AC II detector has a safety rating of 1000V Category IV

FASITE 32-POCKET Electrician Tool Belt


If you are a professional electrician, this is definitely a must-have, especially for projects or jobs that require you to be on a ladder. A proper tool belt or tool bag allows you to store hand tools you will need without having to go back and forth to your toolbox, this is especially important when working on a ladder as ladders tend to cause accidents and injuries when installing light fixtures. One bad accident can have you out of work for weeks or months and suffer health issues for years and loss of income!

The right tool belt has plenty of pockets for typical electrician tools such as side cutters pliers including hammer loops, tape measure and a steel hammer holder. Tool belts should also be made of tough material such as nylon or heavy grade polyester.

At the same time, they shouldn’t be so heavy that they will bring your pants completely down! (That’s for plumbers). While some prefer a tool pouch, we think a standard tool belt makes more sense as you can hold all the tools in one place.

Premium tool bags will include padding for your back as well as suspenders to keep your pants from being pulled down from the weight of tools. We think this is one of the best rated tool belts money can buy:


  • Durable 600D polyester, waterproof, wear-resisting
  • Dynamic purpose tool belt: 32 pockets, 2 hammer loops, 1 steel measuring tape holder and 1 steel hammer holder.
  • Size: 11.5×8.7×3.9(2×)inches. Adjustable heavy-duty belt, with a max size of 48 inches.
  • Ergonomic design and superior material: good quality, very light, versatile, strong and sturdy. Comfortable to wear. 
  • Large capacity and functional: can hold various hand tools including hardware, garden, electrical, and car tools. 
  • Designed for professional tradesmen who work at heights and walk long distances on a daily basis with comfort in mind. 

Electrical Pliers: IRWIN VISE-GRIP Multi-Tool Wire Strippers/Crimper/Cutter with Locking C-Clamp


Electrical pliers are a must best electrician tool for any active electrician who frequently has to strip and cut wires often which might be every professional electrician!

The right pliers strip cut various gauges of wires and have a special nose to allow for pulling and looping in of wires. Some pliers also include bolt cutters to so precision lead threads are created. Most pliers also have built-in wire strippers to avoid having the need for a seperate tool.

Cutting Pliers should also have insulated crimps and non-insulated terminals. Some pliers are self adjusting. Normally pliers are available in 6, 7, or 8 inch models. Comfort should not be forgotten, any standard plier should have plastic insulation around its handles with some texture or rubber grip for easier handling and no slips. Always try to buy equipment that meets or exceeds ANSI standards.

Premium features include AWG selection dials, spring-assisted jaw openings and quick-release locks.

We searched the internet to find what we think are the best electrician pliers, this tool is reasonably priced and includes a C-Clamp.


  • Cutting pliers / wire cutter with induction hardened cutting edge for sharpness that lasts longer
  • Strips and cuts a variety of wires: 10-22 AWG
  • Special Pliers style nose allows wire stripper to pull and loop in wire
  • Built-in bolt cutter cuts bolts down to size and creates a perfect lead thread for high quality electrical work
  • Crimps both insulated and non-insulated terminals

Electric Screwdriver: DEWALT 20V Max Cordless Drill / Driver Kit


Electric screwdrivers allow you to work faster which helps you get more work done, especially higher value tasks electricians perform.

Electric screwdrivers also give your hands a break – have you ever used a old fashioned screwdriver for more than fifteen minutes? You can cause sores on your skin from the friction, especially if its a tight fit. Do yourself a favor and make sure you have one of these.

DeWalt is a brand preferred by professionals around the world. This drill is 20V and has 2 speeds to help work on a variety of projects. The design is nice and compact so it doesn’t take much room but has plenty of power.

We used this drill on a recent circuit breaker box install and it worked easily with no issues. DeWalt makes quality drills and is one of the most popular brands among professionals (the other brand favorited is Milwaukee Tools).


  • High performance motor (300 watts)
  • 2 speed transmission for slow and faster speed settings
  • 1/2 inch single slee ratcheting chuck for tighter gripping strength
  • Comfortable handle for less fatigue and worn out hands
  • Includes 120V charger/battery
  • Well rated online with few negative reviews – this is a tool that will last a long time
  • We find cheaper brands batteries do not last as long as DeWalt

Electrician Tool Set: Klein Tools Journeyman ProPack Apprentice Tool 14-Piece Set


A must for any serious electrician, or frankly anyone working in a trade is a tool set. While there are many sets with varying levels of tool, we find the best ones are apprentice electrical tools sets.

They have the essentials that you will use most often including needle nose pliers and lineman’s pliers. It is important to buy one of high quality, so you do not have to buy them again, or worse yet have them break during a job.

We really like this brnd as they are known for being tough and are made in the USA (a rarity these days).


  • Made in the USA
  • A globally known brand for tough, dependable and quality tools
  • Pliers are designed for greater cutting power and can be safely used for tough jobs
  • Pliers feature hot-riveted joints for greater stability during use 
  • Built-in wire strippers for your wire stripping tasks
  • Nut drivers
  • Screwdrivers feature cushion grips handles for greater torque and comfort and less skin irritation

Torpedo Level: Klein Tools Torpedo Billet Level with Rare Earth Magnet


An essential tool for electrical work such as ensuring fixtures, circuit breaker boxes and other items are level, torpedo levels are still heavily favored today despite newer digital solutions including apps on your mobile phone. Why?

Well a dedicated torpedo level requires no batteries, no fidgeting around, and uses old school technology to deliver hard to beat accuracy.

While some sets include torpedo levels, you’ll want to invest in one that will last few years and take a beating. We like this one as it is made of durable aluminum.


  • 4 easy to read level dials that identify 30, 45, 90 degrees
  • Precision surface level which is machined flat for increased accuracy
  • Made of strong aluminum
  • Orange finish so you can easily find it on a job site

Screwdriver Set: Performance Tool W1727 39-Piece Screwdriver Set


If you find yourself in many odd projects that frequently require working on screws of odd sizes, you may want to upgrade to a more complete screwdriver set.

Common when working on machinery or parts from around the world, a comprehensive screwdriver set will prevent any delays and hair-pulling moments. We found this very reasonably priced (yet high rated) set.

You should still own some insulated screwdrivers of course, for those times when working with circuits that may be live for added protection!


  • High quality chrome vanadium blades and power bits
  • A wonderful storage rack that is included to keep all the screwdrivers organized with a built-in magnetizer/demagnetizer
  • All screwdrivers features comfortable grips that do not slip
  • Nut drivers

Magnetic Tip Nut Driver Set: Klein Tools 630M 3″ Hollow Shank Magnetic Tip Nut Driver Set


Another must have tool are magnetic tip nut drivers.

While not as frequently used a standard screwdrivers, it is good to own a set for those jobs that need it. This set leverages rare earth magnets in a timeless design. The set contains 1/4 inch and 5/16 inch hex size drivers with 3-inch shaft lengths for ease of use and maneuverability.


  • 1/4 inch and 5/16 inch hex sizes in 3 inch shaft lengths
  • Magnetic tips to easily grip and handle fasteners
  • Color coded for organization
  • Cushioned handles for comfort and long project
  • Made in the USA

Hacksaw: HAUTMEC 12″ Heavy Duty 2-in-1 Hacksaw Frame


A hacksaw is one of those tools you may infrequently use but when you need it, you’ll wish you had one! They are used for a variety of projects so it is a good idea to have one regardless if its electrical in nature.

Many times, you’ll need to access to an area that is not reachable without hacksaw materials or a frame wall. We like this reasonably priced Hautmec Hacksaw.


  • Straight and flush cut high-tension positions
  • High tension up to 400 pounds
  • Well designed grips are cushioned so you can use your hands the next day
  • Made with rugged cast aluminum alloy frame
  • Storage compartment for six blades

Straight Claw Hammer: Estwing Straight Rip Claw with Smooth Face & Shock Reduction Grip


If you do not already own your own hammer, you should be ashamed of yourself. If you have one, and it is in need of a replacement, you’ll want to make sure it features all the latest comforts.

You’ll use a hammer often so it makes sense to invest in something good that will last, unless you enjoy shopping. We like the Estwing Hammer – made in the USA and available in different weight sizes.


  • One piece design – for reliability and durability
  • Rip claw for removing nails, demolition tasks and splitting wood
  • Patented grip helps you be more accurate while taking it easy on your hands
  • Made in the USA with American steel

Long-Nose Pliers-Side-Cutting: Klein Tools 7-Inch


For hard to reach places, you’ll be grateful you’ve ordered long-nose pliers.

We recommend those with side cutting functionality to make it easy for wrapping and lopping especially while standing on a ladder and such to avoid having to use multiple tools. Klein Tools is often lauded as making some of the best electrician tools and these live up to their reputation.


  • US made steel
  • Induction hardened, long-lasting knives
  • Knurled jaws excel as wrapping and looping
  • Handles are plastic dipped so they are easy to find and locate

Adjustable Wrench: Stanley Adjustable Wrench


An absolute must-have tool, is an adjustable wrench. Personally, one of my favorite tools – I get an almost zenlike feeling from adjusting then wrench with its roller adjuster.

Adjustable wrenches are great because they allow you to carry fewer wrenches. That means less weight and more space for other tools. While one medium sized wrench will suffice, you can find sets of three and so forth. They are handy when installing light fixtures with odd sized nuts and bolts and help avoid carrying extra tools.

We like this one from Stanley, a well-known brand:


  • Tension spring stabilizes dynamic jaw for easy handling
  • mm jaw scale for effortless adjustment
  • Made of forged chrome vanadium steel
  • No slipping with bi-material handle

Magnetic 25-Feet Tape: Kutir


Another one of my favorites and must used tools. A good reliable tape measure is almost used hourly by most professionals in the field. It allows us to conduct jobs with accuracy and plan projects better.

Magnetic tapes straighten out for easier use and have the climatic automatic return (watch your fingers boys and girls). We like this well rated, reasonably priced measuring tape from Kutir.

We can’t imagine you do not own a tape measure yet, but if you do not, or need a replacement, these are definitely one of the best electrician tools to own for any project or job.


  • 25 foot length
  • Dual side with feet, inches, and metric units in large text
  • Magnetic construction allows for more accurate measurements by eliminating tilt of tape
  • Shock resistant so when you drop it, it doesn’t break into pieces
  • Chrome plate housing

Klein Tools 56333 Fish Tape, Steel Wire Puller


If you work on projects that require updating electricidal wiring in buildings that are already finished, you likely already know how difficult it is install or feed wire through behind the walls of finished areas.

Fish tape helps you “fish” wire through these hidden space. Electricians use it to pull electrical wire as well as NM wire through any areas not fully open or exposed (walls, floors, crawl space areas, ceilings etc.,). Fish tape is really just steel wire that you attach to the wire you are trying to pull. Fish tape normally comes rolled up, similar to a snake for a plumbing drain clearing tool.

We like this fish tape from Klein Tools – its made of steel, has a double loop top and comfortable handle. The length is 120 feet so it will support just about job – the worst thing is coming to a job without the tools to do the job and waste time and do it again in another day.

Klein tools claims their design of the case helps reduce effort to pull and window down the fish tape. The tape is also marked in 12 inches to help you measure conduit runs. Also available in smaller and larger sizes.

Reviewers comment this product holds up much better than other products and have saved them from making huge alterations in walls or ceilings, or digging up dirt! A real time saver!

Here is a list of 25 the most popular electrician tools:

  1. Screwdriver Set: A set of screwdrivers with various sizes and types (flathead and Phillips) is essential for electrical work.
  2. Wire Strippers: These tools are used to remove insulation from electrical wires without damaging the conductors.
  3. Needle-Nose Pliers: These long, narrow pliers are useful for reaching into tight spaces and manipulating small electrical components.
  4. Side Cutters: Side cutters, also known as wire cutters, are used to cleanly cut through electrical wires.
  5. Lineman’s Pliers: These heavy-duty pliers are designed for gripping, twisting, and cutting wires, making them a versatile tool for electricians.
  6. Multimeter: A multimeter is an essential diagnostic tool that measures voltage, current, and resistance in electrical circuits.
  7. Voltage Tester: This tool is used to check if a circuit or electrical outlet is live or has an electrical current running through it.
  8. Circuit Finder: A circuit finder helps locate specific circuits in a breaker panel, making it easier to identify and work on specific electrical systems.
  9. Wire Fish Tape: Wire fish tape is used to guide and thread wires through conduits or walls during installation or repair work.
  10. Electrician’s Knife: An electrician’s knife features a sharp, insulated blade for stripping wires, cutting insulation, and general-purpose cutting.
  11. Cable Cutters: Cable cutters are designed for cutting thick electrical cables, such as those used in main power distribution.
  12. Fish Sticks: These flexible rods are used to navigate and guide wires through walls, ceilings, or conduits.
  13. Insulated Screwdrivers: Insulated screwdrivers are designed to protect electricians from electrical shocks while working with live circuits.
  14. Adjustable Wrench: An adjustable wrench is necessary for tightening or loosening nuts and bolts of various sizes.
  15. Conduit Bender: Used to bend conduit pipes accurately, conduit benders ensure proper cable management and routing.
  16. Clamp Meter: A clamp meter combines a digital multimeter with a current sensor, allowing electricians to measure current flow without disconnecting wires.
  17. Cable Stripping Tool: This tool is specifically designed for stripping the insulation off of coaxial cables, ensuring clean and accurate cuts.
  18. Fish Tape Leader: Fish tape leaders attach to the end of fish tapes, providing a guide for wires to follow during installation.
  19. Knockout Punch Set: These sets are used to create holes in electrical panels or boxes for conduit fittings.
  20. GFCI Outlet Tester: GFCI outlet testers are used to check the functionality of Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI) outlets for safety purposes.
  21. Voltage Detector Pen: A voltage detector pen detects the presence of electric voltage without direct contact with live wires or terminals.
  22. Insulated Gloves: Insulated gloves provide protection against electrical shocks when working on live circuits.
  23. Cable Staples: Cable staples are used to secure cables and wiring to surfaces, ensuring a neat and organized installation.
  24. Fish Tape Pulling Grip: A fish tape pulling grip attaches to the end of fish tapes to provide a secure grip for pulling wires through conduits or walls.
  25. Crimping Tool: A crimping tool is used to create secure connections between wires and terminals by compressing them together.

These are some of the most popular tools used by electricians. However, the specific toolset may vary depending on the type of electrical work being performed and individual preferences.

We hope you found our list of electrical tools valuable. As professional electricians we recommend you purchase the best quality electrical tools and electrical components you can find as they will be subjected to lots of wear and tear over the years and it’s often more expensive to keep buying cheap tools rather than buy high quality tools upfront.

The electrical industry is a promising one and whether you are just starting out and an established professional it pays to be kept up to date with the right tools to make you jobs easier. As always, stay safe out there and follow all safety regulations.

Please write us to suggest what you think the electrician needs with respect to electrician tools. If this is your first time writing us please let us know as well.

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