Advance Fluorescent Ballasts Labels 101

About Advance Ballasts and Fluorescent Lamps

Advance Ballasts that utilize fluorescent lamps usually come in two shapes, straight and u-shaped. Most fluorescent types are T5, T8, and T12. The T stands for tubular and the number provides the diameter in 1/8 of an inch. Lamp diameter is determined by ballast type. Therefore, a T12 ballast must use a T12 bulb. A T5 ballast must use a T5 bulb and so forth.

Please note T12 fluorescent tubes have been discointuned due to their poor energy efficiency. Sometiemes, you can find old stock in stores, but they are quickly becomes replaced with more efficient ballasts, such as a T8 electronic ballast.

Advance Fluorescent Ballast Label 101

Below you will see a label for the Advance IntelliVolt ICF-2S42-M2-LD ballast with some important information, including voltage, serial and product numbers, a lamp compatibility table, certifications, PCB information, and a wiring diagram.

Advance Ballast Label

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For the purposes of replacing lamps, the compatibility table is very useful and demonstrates what type of lamps can be used with this ballast to avoid damage and incorrect ordering of replacements.

The table in the above image shows compatible lamps with this ballast:

  • (2) CFTR 42W
  • (2) CFTR 36W
  • (2) CFTR 26W
  • (2) CFQR 26W

The 2 in means how many compact fluorescent lamps can be accommodate (no more than 2), the numbers 42, 36, 26 refer to watts. The label also lists other compatible lamps.

In order to replace lamps for this ballast, the lamps should be compact fluorescent, either 26, 36, or 42 watts and matched