Getting Familiar with Metal Halide Lights

Ever wonder why the light bulb is still being used today where there are more energy efficient sources of light? The reason is very simple – it’s practical use. LED lamps can work effectively for home convenience such as table lamps and bedroom lamps given energy efficiency however lighting is such a diverse field that each situation demands a specific output. This in turn makes way to the high intensity discharge (HID) form of lighting. The metal halide lights are included in this group that produces high intensity output for several uses.

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Metal Halide Lights – A Quick Definition

By listening to the name, an average person will have to research what exactly the metal halide lights are. The electrical light is produced by a highly pressurized mixture of gases such as argon, mercury and a variety of metal halides. Metal halides are metal compounds of iodine or bromine. This is a gas discharge lamp that produced an electric arc from the mixture of gases. The metal halides will significantly influence the light intensity and color temperature. The light intensity gradually increases into a bluer or redder light depending on the metal halides present. As the gases are vaporized, the temperature and pressure increases, creating a directly proportional ratio to its luminosity in the long run.

The lamp comprises of a ceramic tube or a fused quartz that houses the gases and the arc. The glass bulb that encloses the tube operates in high pressure that produces ultraviolet light. The glass is coated in order to filter the ultraviolet light. Special fixtures are needed to operate them safely primarily because of the high pressure that happens during operation. Ballast is also required for safe operation. One of the popular brands that works perfectly with metal halide lights are the Advance ballast.

Uses of Metal Halide Lights

Looking at the components of the metal halide lights, it would look like it is highly specialized types of lighting source that is only seen in select places however, these lights are present everyday. Here are some of the common uses of this type of light;

  • Athletic facilities – this is the reason why football and baseball games are made possible at night. The outdoor atmosphere feels like you are watching in broad daylight because of the power sources of light.
  • Indoor growing – it is able to produce substantial amount of UV light that is enough for artificially growing plants and other crops. Green houses use this kind of lights for an all year operation of crops.
  • Automobile – this would explain why at closer look the headlights does not resemble any of the regular bulbs and regardless of its size, it can provide enough light in the middle of a pitch black night.
  • Stage and photographic lighting – this is the film maker’s edge to meet their deadlines as they continually abuse their actors and actresses to work until the next day. The light source can efficiently produce enough light that will artificially stimulate daylight, thus making their job easier with no limit. The stage also comes to life with all its colorful costumes and vibrant performers as these light sources show the world their beauty.

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Metal halide lights should be handled with care. It takes some time for them to reach a certain temperature to reach its maximum output and when turned off, never touch them immediately once put off with bare hands or even with protective covering as they will remain very hot for some time. They are like little sunlight trapped inside a glass enclosure that whoever touches it will surely feel the heat.

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