Improving Ballast Performance & Reliability

The main contributors to short ballast life are heat and moisture and avoiding the negative effects of these conditions will help increase ballast service significantly and reduce issues.

As you probably know from high school, heat rises – therefore the bottom of the sign is the best location for the ballast.

Mount the ballast against a flat metal surface. Do not double-nut or mount the unit on spacers, since heat dissipation by conduction is more effective than by radiation.

Locate the ballast away from areas of possible water accumulation. When a ballast is mounted vertically,
the lead wires exiting from the top of the ballast case should be looped to divert water that may run down
the leads.

Provide for adequate drainage in the sign. Do not leave faulty lamps in the sign.

The white lead of the ballast must be connected to the ground wire of the power supply.

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