Reasons to Opt For Universal Ballast Lighting Kits

Every home needs some form of lighting. Choosing the kind of lighting to use however may be a daunting task considering the numerous options available in the market – LED, CFL, or the older incandescent bulbs. For this reason, you should always be smart when making a choice so that you do not end up with the wrong products. Universal ballast lighting kits are just but one among the many possible choices that you could consider.

A Universal Ballast lightning kit

Universal and Advanced

A major factor that cannot be overlooked when making this important decision is the power rating of the bulbs you choose. When you consider ballast lighting, you should note that there are two more categories in this type of lighting, namely universal ballast and advanced ballast although there are others (Technical Precision). You should therefore be able to further understand their properties to determine exactly what you need.

Universal Ballast vs Conventional Fluorescent

  • Sometimes people make choices depending on individual preferences but when it comes to functional electronics devices, it is advisable to consider some technical features as well. The size of the universal ballast kits is a reason why many decide to go for them as opposed to the conventional fluorescent tubes that are known to be too long.
  • Other reasons why many are making changes from the conventional fluorescent to the advance ballast is in the fact that they do not generate any heat when they are lit. This ensures that you cannot experience unwanted increases in temperatures when using them.

Universal and Advance ballast kits are economical

As much as everyone would worry about the cost of installation of the universal ballast kits, this should never be a major concern because it will only be a one-time expense. The main concern should be the long term power bills that you will be incurring once the fittings are in place. This is the point at which the universal ballast kits will have an added advantage.

A package of lamps to power a light fixture

They are very low power consumers and therefore your power bills are likely to come down drastically. Unlike other systems that may require the attention of very skilled technicians to fit, the universal ballast kit is an easy do-it-yourself kind of kit that comes with all the necessary accessories in the pack.

These accessories include the battery backup pack, the electronic set and the HID ballast kits. There are other smaller paraphernalia such as screws that are easy to find in any electrical hardware. It is because of these properties and the low power consumption that you should consider this kits before you look anywhere else. This kind of setup makes it very easy to install the universal ballast even if you were not adequately prepared for such a task as long as you have basic electrical or electronics knowledge.

Replacing older ballasts

Sometimes, it is not possible to find an exact replacement for your ballast – many have been discontinued. In these cases we can recommend some replacements with simpler wiring by the same company or even another company.


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