Ship to Shore Watertight Connector Body

The right ship to shore watertight connector body is extremely important to ensure the reliability of your power transfer in your marine environment to power essential devices as well as leisure equipment. Ship to shore connectors are exposed to all the elements – cold, heat, rain, snow, damaging salt spray and so quality construction is a must for reliable service.

When selecting a ship to shore connector it is important to buy a quality brand such as Hubbell. The complexity and labor involved for installation make it wise to do set it up once with something that lasts, rather than buy a cheaper or unknown brand that may fail and require reinstallation. We’ll discuss some of the top brands and things to always look for.

Common features and what to look for in a ship-to-shore watertight connector body:

  • Durable construction
  • Warranty
  • Certifications
  • IP Water rating
  • Cord grip range
  • Cover
  • Locking ring to ensure watertight connecting
  • Voltage ratings

Hubbell M5100C9R Ship to Shore Zytel Nylon Watertight Connector Body


Hubbell Marine is a leader in watertight connector body production – creating high quality, durable solution designed to withstand the harshest of marine and aquatic environments. They were the first to offer 100 amp marine grade electrical solutions.

The M5100C9R watertight connector body features 4 pole, 5 wire, 100 Amps, 120/208V AC, 3 Phase, 1-1.94″ Cord Grip Range in a easy to locate yellow body.

This connector body can be connected with a range of cords from 1″-1.94″.

It’s important to note that the materials are all of very high quality – the pins are made of solid brass and are nick-plated for reliable conductivity of electricity. A heavy duty high impact thermoset contact carrier is used to prevent common electrical issues such as arcing and overheating to enhance safety and reliability.

✅ Hubbell Marine is creates some of the most reliable
and trusted tools in this space
❌ Expensive due to quality materials & brand reputation
✅ Patented design enables a watertight connection
for inlet and connector through a locking ring design with a gasket
✅ Highly durable build with Zytel, which is a nearly
indestructible nylon
✅ IP67 Rating, UL Listed, Meets UCG requirements, NEC code, American
Boat and Yacht Council Standard
✅ Large cable grips on the outside of the body provide wiring
protection from movement of the conductor and terminal strain

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