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Here is how to purchase a variety of Advance/Phillips Ballasts online. Our store is powered by for ease of use and speed. Once you click on the link below you will find our Amazon store and distributors. Simply search for the Advance Ballast you are seeking for!

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Add your part number in the search box after ‘advance ballast’ to find your part from an online distributor.

Searching for an old/discontinued ballast? Try eBay

Sometimes some ballasts are discontinued and no replacements are available, in this case, you may want to try eBay for sellers selling excess supply or used ballasts that are still functioning. Click the eBay link above and enter your ballast model in the search box.

Still can’t find your ballast? If you can not find it, please contact us for more help. Please provide the current model and how many replacements you need.

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37 thoughts on “Find and Buy Advance Ballasts”

  1. I am looking for a replacement for the R-2S110-TP ballast but it is discontinued. What do you recommend to use in its place that will perform the same specifications?

  2. I have several fluorescent biax fixtures with Advance R-2BP27-TP Balast. Is this ballast dimmable?

  3. I need to replace the Advance RQM-2S40-3-TP ballast in my home fixture. I have also purchased 2 new GE LED15ET8G4U865 LED tube lamps that are compatible with T8 and T12 electronic ballasts and T12 magnetic ballasts. Which Advance product is the correct replacement ballast for me?

  4. Advance RQM-2S40-3-TP’s recommended replacement is available via, please click here for pricing and details. Cross-check part numbers before ordering and contact seller with any questions.

  5. What ge balast is a replacement for a 2 tube advance balast Cat. No. RQM-2S40-3-TP?

  6. Hello Rick,

    The recommended replacement is RELB-2S40-N, you can find the replacement via distributors by clicking here.

  7. I am looking for a ballast with multiple numbers as follows:
    CAT. LC-14-20-C
    14-15-20-22W. LAMP
    118V. 60OY
    This is out of a 55-60 year old Hansen/Synchron clock with a round florescent bulb

  8. Hi Mark,

    You can find this on, click here for a distributor selling it. Cross check part numbers before ordering and contact seller with questions.

  9. Hi Ronald, the originals are no longer developed so we recommend a replacement by Technical Precision, click here for pricing via an distributor.

  10. I have IOP-2S28-95-SC-SD ballasts that will not work with LED lamps. Right now we have F54 T5s installed. We want to convert this area to all LED, dimming and non dimming. Can you give me the equivalent Philip advance ballast that will take the dimming and non dimming LEDs?

    Thank you

  11. Looking for : Advance smart mate, RCF 2S 26 M1 BS QS,
    120, volt. .47 ,A
    In a Dentist’s office, in an EM. Can light. Showing Discontinued. What else will work? Thanks, Kevin.

  12. I am looking for a replacement for the ADM-175-S ballast but it is long discontinued. Ballast burned out and leaked plastic material. What do you recommend to use in its place that will perform the same specifications?

  13. Hi Rebecca, these are very hard to find as they have been discontinued. Your best bet is to use this ballast from Universal, it is similar (although please note the Adavance model is magnetic). Should be the easier installation compared to a totally new model. Click here for pricing on

  14. Hello Kevin, you can sometimes find these discontinued models on eBay – see this listing from a ballast distributor. Some may be NEW condition but opened. Others can be used.

  15. Hi Peter, Do you mean this model? RSM-175-S-TP? If yes, the recommended replacement is this one by Technical Precision as the Advance model has been discontinued, click here for pricing via

  16. Hi J.C., these have been discontinued by Advance. A replacement is offered by Technical Precision – click here to view pricing on Alternatively you can sometimes find “new old” stock for sale of the original Advance model – these are parts that are NEW but may not have packaging, or be open-box like this one on eBay. Our recommendation is to buy the Technical Precision model as its newer.

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