ICF2S26H1LDK: Advance Ballast


Alternative model name(s)/number(s):

Advance icf2s26h1ldk

Advance SmartMate ICF-2S26-H1-LDK




Advance SmartMate ICF-2S26-H1-LDK is a electronic fluorescent with a programmed start method. It operates one or two 26W 4 pin lamps at 120v. The standard warranty is 3 to 5 years and is used an indoor ballast. It has a compact design which means is favorited by manufacturers and renovation experts with its ease of installation especially in tight areas.

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General Specifications

Brand NameAdvance SmartMate
Ballast TypeElectronic Fluorescent
Starting MethodProgrammed Start
Lamp ConnectionSeries
Input Voltage120
Input Frequency50/60 HZ
Min. Starting Temp0 Def. F
Input Watts120
Ballast Factor1
Power Factor98%
Length4.98 in.
Width1 in.

Specifications by Lamp Type and Numbers of Lamps

Lamp TypeNum. of LampsRated Lamp WattsMin. Start Temp (F/C)Input Current (Amps)Input Power (Watts)Ballast FactorMAX THD %Power FactorLamp Current Crest FactorB.E.F


  • Tube type: x
  • Height (in): 1.0″
  • Length (in): 4.98″
  • Width (in): 2.4″

Does this ballast contain PCBs?

It may contain PCBs. If the ballast was manufactured after January 1, 1979 it is likely it does not contain PCBs. Ballasts created after January 1, 1979, were mandated by the US government not to include PCBs. For more information please visit our page on ballast disposal and PCBs.

It important to make sure you are not disposing of a ballast with PCBs in regular trash – you can be fined quite a hefty amount and the implications for the environment are huge. If the organization you work for has a environment policy you may also be facing disciplinary actions based on that alone. When in doubt, always verify before disposing and wear protective gear when handling ballasts you’re unsure may contain harmful substances.

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