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This Advance Ballast ICN 2P32 N is part of the Centium brand and is a T8 Ballast with Instant Start with support for 1 or 2 bulbs. It’s suitable for indoor where lights are on for extended amounts of time. It also features automatic restart. Centium Ballasts are known to be highly reliable and energy efficient and are mostly intended for commercial use. This also features Phillips Advance’s lamp striation reduction technology. This ballast can extend lamp life for placements when lighting is switched on and off frequently. You can find information on the temperature range, lamp wattage, voltage rating, input wattage, frequency rating below.

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General Specifications

Ballast TypeElectronic Ballast
Starting MethodInstant Start
Lamp ConnectionParallel
Input Voltage120-277
Input Frequency50/60 HZ
CertificationsCSA certified
Energy efficient
Misc.Total harmonic distortion
Order Code39111801

Specifications by Lamp Type and Numbers of Lamps – 120V

Lamp TypeNum. of LampsRated Lamp WattsMin. Start Temp (F°/C°)Input Current (Amps)Input Power (ANSI Watts)Ballast FactorMAX THD %Power FactorMAX Lamp Current Crest FactorB.E.F.
F32T8/ES (25W)12560/160.24281.05100.991.63.75
F32T8/ES (25W)22560/160.38450.92100.991.62.04
F32T8/ES (28W)12860/160.24311.03100.991.63.32
F32T8/ES (28W)22860/160.41480.89100.991.61.85
F32T8/ES (30W)13060/160.28331.03100.981.63.12
F32T8/ES (30W)23060/160.45540.89100.991.61.65


  • Tube type: T8
  • Height (in): 1 in
  • Length (in): 9.5 in
  • Width (in): 1.3 in
Input Watts / Input Voltage Range120 to 277 V
Ballast Factor0.89 (Nom)
Power Factor0.98 (Nom)
Output wattage32

Additional information/Conclusion:

This Advance Centium Fluorescent ICN 4P32 N is a low profile 3 or 4 lamp electronic fluorescent ballast for outdoor or indoor industry general office, new construction lighting and features Instant Start and outputs 32W with inputs watts of 120 277v – It is non-dimmable in a metal housing casing and is intended for a broad range of commercial applications. It is now under the Signify Electronics brand. It is a energy efficient ballast and on the favorites list for quality electronic ballast.

Electronic Fluorescent Ballast vs. Magnetic Fluorescent

This Phillips Advance ballast is electronic fluorescent brining added benefits including increasing frequency to 20,000 hertz. With that high of a frequency you reduce the changes of lights flickering and buzzing sounds commonly observed in magnetic ballasts.  

Does ICN 2P32 N contain PCBs?

ICN-2P32-N should not contain PCBs per Advance’s specifications literature for this ballast especially if the ballast was manufactured after January 1, 1979. Ballasts created after January 1, 1979, were mandated by the US government not to include PCBs. For more information please visit our page on ballast disposal and PCBs.

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