Alternative model name/number: ICN-4P32-N (utilizes the same lamps, wires and voltage but is slightly smaller (namely more narrow)

The Advance Ballast Lighting ICN 4P32 SC is a widely used electronic ballast known for its reliability and versatility in industrial lighting applications. In this comprehensive article, we will explore the uses, features, tube size compatibility, compatible lamps and their specifications, PCB presence, disposal information, where to purchase replacements, and suggested compatible brands and model names for the ICN 4P32 SC ballast.


Uses and Features

The Advance Ballast Lighting ICN 4P32 SC is specifically designed for industrial environments, including warehouses, manufacturing facilities, and commercial buildings. It provides efficient electrical control for fluorescent lighting systems, ensuring optimal illumination for various industrial tasks.

Key features of the ICN 4P32 SC ballast include:

  1. Universal Voltage: The ballast is compatible with a universal voltage range, typically between 120V and 277V, allowing for flexible installation in different electrical systems.
  2. Instant Start: It utilizes instant start technology, providing immediate illumination without any noticeable delay.
  3. High Power Factor: The ballast incorporates high power factor correction, optimizing energy efficiency and reducing power consumption.
  4. Rapid Start Capability: The ballast has the capability to operate in rapid start mode, extending lamp life and reducing maintenance requirements.

Tube Size Compatibility

The Advance Ballast Lighting ICN 4P32 SC is compatible with both T8 fluorescent lamps. These lamps are commonly used in industrial lighting applications and are available in various lengths and wattages.

Compatible Lamps and Specifications

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Lamp Type | Wattage | Length (inches) | Pin Configuration

T8 | 32W | 48 | Medium Bi-Pin T12 | 32W | 48 | Medium Bi-Pin

PCB and Disposal Information

The Advance Ballast Lighting ICN 4P32 SC does not contain PCBs (Polychlorinated Biphenyls), which are hazardous substances commonly found in older ballasts. This ensures safer operation and environmental compliance. However, it is important to handle and dispose of the ballast properly to minimize any potential environmental impact.

Disposal Information:

  • Check local regulations and guidelines for proper disposal methods of electronic waste.
  • Contact local recycling centers or hazardous waste facilities to inquire about specific ballast disposal options.
  • Ensure that disposal is handled by qualified professionals who follow appropriate safety measures.

Where to Purchase Replacements

Replacements for the Advance Ballast Lighting ICN 4P32 SC can be found at various electrical supply stores, industrial lighting distributors, and online retailers specializing in lighting equipment. Here are a few reputable brands that offer compatible ballasts and lamps:

  1. Philips Advance:
    • Click here to find pricing on Amazon for: ICN-4P32-SC
    • Click here to find pricing on Amazon for: ICN-4P32-N

When purchasing replacements, ensure that you select the appropriate ballast model and compatible lamps to ensure optimal performance and compatibility with your industrial lighting system.

The Advance Ballast Lighting ICN 4P32 SC is a versatile and reliable solution for industrial lighting applications. Its features, compatibility with T8 and T12 lamps, and compliance with environmental regulations make it a popular choice among industrial lighting electricians. Always follow proper safety measures and adhere to environmental guidelines when handling and disposing of the ballast. Consulting reputable brands and suppliers can ensure you obtain the correct replacement components for your specific needs.

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