RM2S35TP: Advance Ballast Replacement


Alternative model names/numbers:

Philips Advance Ballast RM-2S35-TP

An image of the ICN2P32N35 Advance Ballast




This Advance Ballast is part of the magnetic STD brand and is a T12 Ballast with Rapid Start. It’s suitable for indoor use. This is an older ballast from Philips and is discontinued but replacement models from other manufacturers will work.

Buy this ballast/replacement parts:

RM-2S35-TP is now discontinued we recommend a replacement by Robertson. Click here for pricing via an Amazon.com distributor.

The Robertson ballast is shorter than than the RM-2S35-TP, it will however still install into the same light fixture as it features pre-drilled holes to fit ballasts of various sizes.

We recommend purchasing via Amazon.com as the reviews are based on verified purchases to help give you confidence in the replacement’s quality and installation success.

The RM-2S35-TP ballast has has 8 wires: 2 red, 2 blue, 2 yellow, 1 black and 1 white. This ballast has 10 wires, including 2 brown wires which are not needed for replacing the RM-2S35-TP. It is suggested to cap the brown wires off and just match all the other colored wires to the fixture.

General Specifications

Brand NameMagnetic Std
Ballast TypeMagnetic
Starting MethodRapid Start
Lamp ConnectionSeries
Input Voltage120
Input Frequency60 HZ

Specifications by Lamp Type and Numbers of Lamps

Lamp TypeNumber of LampsRated Lamp WattsMin. Start Temp (°F/C)Input Current (Amps)Input Power (Watts)Ballast FactorMAX THD %Power FactorLamp Current Crest FactorB.E.F
F34T12/U23460/16 0.61600.66200.821.71.10


  • Tube type: T12
  • Height (in): 1.5
  • Length (in): 9.5
  • Width (in): 2.3475

Additional information/Conclusion:

This ballast has a minimum starting temperature of 60 degrees. It has a Ballast Factor 0.63, Power Factor 0.92, Light Output Normal, with Total Harmonic Distortion Less Than 20 Percent. If purchasing a replacement, such as the Robertson we recommend, we strongly advise purchasing on Amazon.com as the experience are based on a verified purchases.

Does this ballast contain PCBs?

It may contain PCBs. If the ballast was manufactured after January 1, 1979 it is likely it does not contain PCBs. Ballasts created after January 1, 1979, were mandated by the US government not to include PCBs. For more information please visit our page on ballast disposal and PCBs.

It important to make sure you are not disposing of a ballast with PCBs in regular trash – you can be fined quite a hefty amount and the implications for the environment are huge. If the organization you work for has a environment policy you may also be facing disciplinary actions based on that alone. When in doubt, always verify before disposing and wear protective gear when handling ballasts you’re unsure may contain harmful substances.

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