The Many Advantages Of T5 Fluorescent

Technological advancements are offering the world unique items that are not only useful but are also less expensive and more durable. One such product is the T5 fluorescent light. Although this type of lighting is being used for quite some time, it has become more popular recently given environmental requirements and is available in stores at reasonable prices.

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What is T5 Fluorescent? The T5 fluorescent refers to the form of fluorescent tubes that have a diameter of 5/8 inches that is approximately about 13mm. The main features of T5 fluorescent light fixtures are namely:

  • The diameter is quite small as compared to the T8 or T12 lights.
  • They have a special format that T5 fixtures have to be used for T5 tubes.
  • Advance ballast has to be used also as the T5 fluorescent tubes are compatible with it.
  • There are various T5 fluorescent bulbs that are categorized according to their wattage output like normal denoted by NO, HO refers to high output while the VHO stands for very high output.
  • Due to the variations of the wattage, specialized fixtures and advance ballast are required for each category of the T5 fluorescent. 

Advantages of T5 Lighting The T5 fluorescent lights are the most popular bulbs of today.

  • The sizes of the tubes are just appropriate for aquariums and the NO is mainly used by aquarists for fish tanks.
  • The HO T5 lighting is an affordable method of lighting reef tanks and for plants. It is energy efficient and the bulb has a high rate of longevity.
  • Another advantage of the T5 fluorescent lighting is that one can fit in much more tubes in comparison to the T12 tubes with regard to the space. They are to be widely used in homes too in the near future for their various advantages.
  • The T5 fluorescent light fixtures are available in a fully assembled form like the mounted ones or the hanging lights.
  • The bulbs vary between 24 inches and 72 inches long. The length of the tube should be bought according to the size of the aquarium or the tank.
  • The advance ballast of T5 fluorescent bulbs consume less power and therefore lower down the electric bills while giving the bulbs a longer life.
  • Replacement of the bulbs is not a difficult matter. But monitoring the bulbs by keeping track of the installation date is necessary.
  • A timer system can be used for a more efficient performance of the T5 fluorescent. Spare parts are also available if anything breaks off.

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What Makes The T5 Fluorescent So Popular the availability of these efficient lighting systems has made them very popular nowadays. They can be bought at the retail stores that sell lights and even from online stores including Amazon. Discounts too are offered when bought in bulk for various uses. Since they are cheaper as compared to the incandescent bulbs and use less power they are being widely used today to meet environmental regulations and energy budgets. Moreover, T5 fluorescent lights are environment friendly in not only reduced power consumption but materials needed to create them. 

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